Artwork Commissions Survey

Thank you so much for your feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey. Your comments help us to calculate budget proposals and provide more accurate assessments for project management, a benefit to the consultant, the client, and to the Studio.

Name *
Do you facilitate the purchase of artwork for clients?
Do you prefer to purchase available works or or custom commissions?
About how many purchases do you facilitate annually?
When purchasing available works, how do you prefer to manage the artwork budget?
On commissions, how do your prefer to manage the artwork budget?
How do you budget for concept proposals on commissions?
Do you anticipate Consultant's discounts on wholesale?
What is your markup on wholesale?
If the artist's quote is outside of the project budget what do you generally choose to do?
How do you prefer to manage shipping?
How do you prefer to manange shipping fees?
How do you prefer to budget installation costs?
Would you be amenable to a conference call with me on this subject?
Let us know!