The Stories, Rockville, MD / by Susan Madacsi

The Process of Design: I was called on by my client, Artist's Circle Fine Art, who had been working with Federal Realty in Maryland to create a work of art for their new luxury living community. I wanted to propose an idea that would not only provide an uplifting and stimulating sensibility as a focal point on a bare wall, but also contribute a sense of place to the new neighborhood they were creating. The clients wanted original artwork that would compliment their vision; a combination of design and location. 

A number of design sketches were rendered for the client to create a starting point on style, aesthetic and a color pallet. This communicates the details of the design and prepares both artist and client for the creative process. 

Occasionally brainstorming happens in 3D at the studio and different design and material ideas emerge. If I find I'm heading in an interesting direction that the client may like I will share these new ideas.

The work was powder coated to endure the outside elements that it would be exposed to on a seasonal basis.

Detail image of the flowers. I suggested blues, so that the artwork would visually pop off of the brick color of the wall. The shadows add another layer of play and complexity.

A final image of the work installed in its new home. It was  shipped to the requested location and was installed by the art services team. We provided custom hardware for easy installation and the clients are very pleased with their commissioned artwork.