Recent Projects: Pods / by Susan Madacsi

PODS: Art in Design

In this project we worked directly with design professionals to accommodate their need for artwork in a new luxury residential property being built in Hong Kong. The art consultants commissioned 14 custom PODS ranging in size and color from 18" up to 48". They were to be installed onto a sawtooth marble facade for the hotel's elevator lobby walls.The PODS echoed a previous design from our studio that we customized for the client and their space. This collaboration was a rewarding experience that produced a design which combined both of our creative visions and worked with the criteria for their location.

Color Samples for Powder Coating

The architecture, interior design, finishes and color palette of a site must be taken into consideration when selecting colors and textures for the artwork. We provided the client with cut sheets to assist in the color selection process, together identifying a color arrangement for the artwork which would connect with - and compliment the space. The PODS were finished with a powder coated glaze to compliment their refined forms.


Pods in Process

Documenting the process of creating the pieces, and playing with work while it's being created, often leads to inspiration for other pieces. I am fascinated by the notion that I can discover something new through creative curiosity and I love the challenge of looking for new and innovative designs. Every project is unique and one of a kind.



We created templates as guides to simplify layout as well as custom hardware for easy installation. At the client's request, we also provided details such as artist's bio and a description of the artwork. This made us happy to know that those viewing the pieces will recognize and honor them as handmade works of art.


A final image of the work installed in its new home. The clients are very pleased with their commissioned artwork.