Givens Pursley Lobby Boise, Idaho / by Susan Madacsi

Basalt Curtains , Forged and fabricated steel, enamel paint, wax

Basalt Curtains, Forged and fabricated steel, enamel paint, wax

We were recently approached to create a proposal for the law firm Givens Pursley in Boise, Idaho. They were working with J Crist Art Services to select an artist to design and install a custom artwork for a lobby in their historic art deco building. We sketched up a number of concepts for the space, and also fabricated a work sample to show our proposal in a tangible way. We were pleased to be offered the commission. 

Givens Pursley 02.jpg

Concept Proposals

The Black Cliffs, a remarkable geographic formation towering over both sides of the Boise River just north of downtown, inspired the aesthetic of the artwork. These columnar basalt cliffs illuminate as the sun rises over the mountain range, and descend into shadows as the sun sets over the Snake River Plain, creating a contrasting palette of warm and cool colors throughout much of the day. 

The wall where the art was to be installed is concave, and so we took measurements and made a template, producing a final design that was made to follow the curve of the wall, so that the art would flow with the contours of the room. Breaking up the sheer precipice composition into five sections created visual interest, but also offered us some flexibility for a simple install. 

Basalt Curtains.jpg