Works by Susan Madacsi Presented by Cinder Wines by Susan Madacsi


Please join us for a very special evening of art, awesome food from B-Town Bistro, and world-class wines from the Snake River Valley at Cinder Wines. Opening event Saturday, July 9th from 5:30 pm until 9:00 pm. The works will be on display through the end of September. 

Big Red

Recent Projects: Pods by Susan Madacsi

PODS: Art in Design

In this project we worked directly with design professionals to accommodate their need for artwork in a new luxury residential property being built in Hong Kong. The art consultants commissioned 14 custom PODS ranging in size and color from 18" up to 48". They were to be installed onto a sawtooth marble facade for the hotel's elevator lobby walls.The PODS echoed a previous design from our studio that we customized for the client and their space. This collaboration was a rewarding experience that produced a design which combined both of our creative visions and worked with the criteria for their location.

Color Samples for Powder Coating

The architecture, interior design, finishes and color palette of a site must be taken into consideration when selecting colors and textures for the artwork. We provided the client with cut sheets to assist in the color selection process, together identifying a color arrangement for the artwork which would connect with - and compliment the space. The PODS were finished with a powder coated glaze to compliment their refined forms.


Pods in Process

Documenting the process of creating the pieces, and playing with work while it's being created, often leads to inspiration for other pieces. I am fascinated by the notion that I can discover something new through creative curiosity and I love the challenge of looking for new and innovative designs. Every project is unique and one of a kind.



We created templates as guides to simplify layout as well as custom hardware for easy installation. At the client's request, we also provided details such as artist's bio and a description of the artwork. This made us happy to know that those viewing the pieces will recognize and honor them as handmade works of art.


A final image of the work installed in its new home. The clients are very pleased with their commissioned artwork.

The Process of Collaborative Design by Susan Madacsi

Working directly with a design professional can be a rewarding experience that produces a design which combines creative vision with criteria for a location. "Mist in the Boughs" is a great example of the collaborative process. 

Concept Drawing: Conveys the layout and scale of the design and gives opportunity for review at a very early stage in the design process. Site measurements are referenced as the overall dimensions of the artwork are confirmed. 



Fabric Swatches: The interior design of a site must be considered when selecting colors and textures for the artwork. Wall coverings, furniture, and carpet samples are often collected and presented as a color board for reference. 

Paint Chips: Many elements come together to create spacial design. The wall colors pull all of these elements together and are the backdrop for the artwork. It is important to know the color of the wall designated for art, as well as the accent walls and other finishes.



Variations on a Theme: Once the artwork dimensions are confirmed, with color boards on hand for reference, color selections and color combinations may be explored. This is the final stage before the artwork goes into production and it's very exciting to see how color and arrangement of color affect the artwork in different ways. We can customize to find the perfect match for the site, something which integrates the space and the interior design. 

Mist in the Boughs

Mist in the Boughs: A final image of the work installed in its new home. I provided custom hardware for easy installation and the clients are very pleased with their commissioned artwork.

Art and Food at State and Lemp by Susan Madacsi

Amazing Plating Inspired by Artwork @ State and Lemp
Menu #53

Some images from my dinner at the artist event. We were served 5 courses with an additional small plate between each. All were served with a wine parings. At the end of the 3 hour service everyone was sent home with an aromatic piece of tea bread for a late night snack or, in my case, breakfast.

Thank you Chef Kris Komori and owners Remi McManus and Jay Henry for a great opportunity!

Showing New Work at State and Lemp by Susan Madacsi

I've created a number of new pieces for a show at State and Lemp in Boise. A fine dining restaurant that follows the farm to table concept. As part of it, they use regionally sourced produce, meats, wines and artists. State and Lemp has a unique approach to plating with each of their revolving menus. Chef team JAY HENRY, EMI MCMANUS, and KRIS KOMORI use the artwork as inspiration for each new menu they have developed.

I will be there next Thursday for the 7pm seating. If you would like to join us please call Remi at: 208-429-6735 or make a reservation through OpenTable. Seating is extremely limited. They have room for 12 tables only.



Strawberry & Cucumber

Scallop. Cilantro. Shiso

Patrick Bottex – “La Cueille” Gamay / Poulsard

 Summer Squash & Fava Beans

Black Cod. Sea Beans Nasturtium

Taft Street – Chardon

Goat. Sesame. Fried Rice

Maxime Magnon – “La Démarrante” Carignan / Cinsault

Beets & New Potato

Pork. Gooseberry. Sorrel

Domaine Gayda – “Flying Solo” Grenache / Syrah

Currants & Cherry

Ginger Ale. Vanilla Cream. Mochi

Taylor Fladgate – “LBV” Port

Menu 75-

Wine Pairing 30-

Saturday Night Supper Club 9pm Seating 60-

As always we pride ourselves in accommodating those with dietary restrictions and food allergies