Stewardship of the Creation

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, Nampa, ID

The columnar sections in this metal and architectural glass wall piece, is an encompassing representation the Seven Catholic Sensibilities. The landscape depicted focuses on the last of the sensibilities, “Stewardship of God’s Creation”. The scene is one of familiarity to this region of southern Idaho. In this area of the state one would experience desert, farmland, high desert, foothills, mountains and the heavens. Employing nature as subject matter is important in helping to provide a calming environment that is spiritual and inclusive. It integrates the provider’s Catholic heritage and acknowledges the universal idea of the final teaching, that we must respect and take care of Nature.

Each medallion is individually forged from steel; no two are the same. The intention of this commissioned artwork is to create beauty and to contribute to the Saint Alphonsus healing environment with respect for spiritual contemplation for patients, family, friends and co-workers.

Integrated within the sculpture are seven inscribed parable and miracle medallions. Viewers are encouraged to find the medallions hidden within the lower yellow-colored section of the wall sculpture.

A short film from artist Susan Madacsi about the collaboration and installation of a two-story wall sculpture for Saint Alphonsus Medical Center's state-of-the-art hospital in Nampa, Idaho. (Click Image to Play Video)

Concept Rendering