Quartet Of Cyanobacteria / by Susan Madacsi

Recent Work


What the heck is a Cyanobacteria?

Recently I've been working with new color palettes inspired by H2O and science. Nature has many ways of charging pigments into fluid bodies. Cyanobacteria is found in almost all water habitats and was a major catalyst in creating the oxygen rich atmosphere that we thrive in.

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Cyanobacteria as to contain only one form of chlorophyll, a green pigment. In addition, they contain various yellowish carotenoids, the blue pigment phycobilin, and, in some species, the red pigment phycoerythrin. The combination of phycobilin and chlorophyll produces the characteristic blue-green colour from which these organisms derive their popular name, Blue-Green Algae.

These wall works are approximately 16" in diameter and are forged and fabricated from steel. They can be scaled up or combined in various sizes to compose a grouping for a feature wall. They are finished with aerosol enamel paints and wax.