Healing Art / by Susan Madacsi

We are excited to share a very special new project with you

Stewardship of the Creation

Stewardship of the Creation, Saint Alphonsus Medical Center, Nampa, Idaho

We are honored to announce our recent installation of a two-story wall sculpture for Saint Alphonsus Medical Center's brand new state-of-the-art hospital in Nampa, Idaho. This was a truly unique opportunity to collaborate with staff, architects and consultants to create a visceral and interactive artwork for a hospital designed for excellence from the ground up. 

Our project was selected to be featured in CODA Magazine’s June issue, Healing Art III. This month’s theme of Healing Art will highlight design + art projects that calm, uplift, soothe, and restore the emotional health of patients, clients, caregivers, and family members.

Employing nature as subject matter is important in helping to provide a calming environment that is spiritual and inclusive. The intention of this commissioned artwork is to create beauty and to contribute to the Saint Alphonsus healing environment with respect for spiritual contemplation for patients, family, friends and co-workers.